Easy to follow, Just do what Jesus Did

Life starts for all one way,
The end is a choice,
Follow or not Follow..
The one whom said,
Follow Me

With His hands out He,
The Son of #God reaches out,
To the chosen ones,
Who will hear His calling,
Answer even with a confused heart,

When they hear,
Their heart is filled,
So Many truths,
So many hurts,
So Many tears,

His words,
Ring out,
I Forgive you,
As you Follow me.

Now the Father,
See the one you Follow,
When He looks into you.


The number one quick resource for any Christian on the Bible verses which relate to areas of life including the following.

Anger Faith
Asking Families
Atonement Forgiveness
Backsliding Godly
Believing Joy
Boldness Justification
Business-Problems Overcoming
Child-Training Power-Of-The-Blood
Condemnation Prosperity
Confession Reconciled
Confidence Redemption
Deliverance Righteousness
Delivered Salvation
Disappointments Sanctification
Discouragement Unsaved
Divorce Using-God -Word


Take the area you need a blessing or help with and read over the scriptures. God will show you He is in control.
You will be blessed and your area of your life you want to improve will be blessed.

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