Easy to follow, Just do what Jesus Did

Life starts for all one way,
The end is a choice,
Follow or not Follow..
The one whom said,
Follow Me

With His hands out He,
The Son of #God reaches out,
To the chosen ones,
Who will hear His calling,
Answer even with a confused heart,

When they hear,
Their heart is filled,
So Many truths,
So many hurts,
So Many tears,

His words,
Ring out,
I Forgive you,
As you Follow me.

Now the Father,
See the one you Follow,
When He looks into you.


We are raising money to fully integrate a prayer channel for all using the Word. We want to add other Bible versions and a link from the verse to a form. So you can connect your prayers with a verse, date and time.

We are also moving to the other end of Australia for Work with God, We need to get the website done before we move and also buy a car for the moving.If you feel God is calling you to donate, please do and Thank you in Advance.

Deu 1:11 May the LORD, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!

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