Easy to follow, Just do what Jesus Did

Life starts for all one way,
The end is a choice,
Follow or not Follow..
The one whom said,
Follow Me

With His hands out He,
The Son of #God reaches out,
To the chosen ones,
Who will hear His calling,
Answer even with a confused heart,

When they hear,
Their heart is filled,
So Many truths,
So many hurts,
So Many tears,

His words,
Ring out,
I Forgive you,
As you Follow me.

Now the Father,
See the one you Follow,
When He looks into you.

Put your Prayer in Action Now

Before you start, be sure you know the following:

1. What you are praying for exactly?

2. What your prayer will be, what will you say?

3. If it is money/goods related

a. How much do you want to invest?

b. Where do you want to send it?

4. Who you want to give a copy to? (This can be us if you like)

Below is a form that you can use to write and email
your prayer request We are going to automate this but now we will
send it back to you .
It will become your record, your stand when you are attacked.
We encourage all to use it for all prayer,

After all prayer is not just words,
It’s a request to God,
One that He wants to answer.

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