Easy to follow, Just do what Jesus Did
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Life starts for all one way,
The end is a choice,
Follow or not Follow..
The one whom said,
Follow Me

With His hands out He,
The Son of #God reaches out,
To the chosen ones,
Who will hear His calling,
Answer even with a confused heart,

When they hear,
Their heart is filled,
So Many truths,
So many hurts,
So Many tears,

His words,
Ring out,
I Forgive you,
As you Follow me.

Now the Father,
See the one you Follow,
When He looks into you.



Easy to follow, Just do what Jesus Did,

If I stand On God’s Word,  God will show, Himself to be faithful to You And Me


Jesus said, Follow me…
He is the way and the truth
the command, Follow Me

A chilling, horrifying terrifying laughter is screaming out..
It’s for the bottom of hell,
An uncontrollable laughter,
Never stopping, never ending just chilling…

People analysing,
People studying,
People memorizing,
People questing,

People not hearing,
For the simple words of the instruction,

The easy of the solution,
The answer to the question,
Can’t be accepted..
Could not be as easy as…
Follow Me..
Jesus said,

 We are here Because we:

Love Jesus Christ, Our Lord Jesus is God
We follow Jesus not a church view
Just what is in the Bible


Jesus Is Lord Our God

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Jesus said in Matt.28.19

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

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